Residential Landscape Designs

Residential Landscape Designs and Consulting Arborist Services

Our landscape design and consulting arborist services provide landscape designs, tree reports and arborist reports for residential landscape projects of all types whether large or small.

We have built pools, water features, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, all sorts of paving and importantly have sound horticultural and arboriculture experience and qualifications. When it comes to landscape design, landscaping and trees – If it is outdoors we can do it.

With over thirty years of landscape construction and landscape design experience we have built up a stable of tradespeople to turn our landscape design into your completed residential landscape project.


Have a look at some of our residential landscape designs and you will notice the diversity of the landscape design work we complete.

This means we can complete your landscape design or provide our landscape project management services as required.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of assistance to you with a garden design for your domestic landscape project of any type, a tree or arborist report.

Some examples of our Residential Landscape Designs showing the diverse range of projects we are involved in

3D Landscape Design Berwick

A fairly simple Landscape Design to allow clients to view a new deck outdoor living area.

The site was tight but we incorporated into the deck area a basic outdoor kitchen, barbecue and seating areas with steps leading down to the garage.

Mount Eliza Landscape Design and Fence

An established property that was old and tired.

Our brief was to add interest to it and provide a landscape design which included a new front fence that also acted as a retaining wall.

We also provided an outdoor seating area opposite the front entrance hidden behind some planting.

Olinda Pool in Shipping Container

We had done a landscape design for this client’s bed and breakfast in Olinda and an arborist report for their new home.
They called and for council planning purposes need to have their new swimming pool which is a converted shipping container.
Really interesting little landscape design for council planning purposes.

Northcote Factory - Home Landscape Design

A couple in Northcote had converted and were living in their factory as a home and wanted a landscape design for the open space to the north and rear of their property.

We provided outdoor living areas, rear deck with a small water feature, vegetable garden and a great landscape planting palette.

Wantirna Landscape Design and Arborist Report

This couple had an existing home, young family and wished to build a new additional home to the rear as an investment.
There was a large Eucalyptus to the northern side and other trees council said must be protected.
We provided consulting arborist services and the landscape design.

Part of the driveway was laid using permeable pavers to allow moisture and air exchange into the root system of the neighbouring Eucalyptus.

Belgrave Landscape Design and Arborist Report

This couple wished to renew and rejuvenate their garden with play areas for their kids including a trampoline and slide.
There were trees that had to be protected and we included parking areas, retaining walls from sleepers and boulders.
We provided consulting arborist services and the landscape design.

Elsternwick Landscape Design and Water Feature

This couple were living in a beautiful old heritage listed home they were renovating and wanted to redo the garden. 
We renewed the heritage front brick stucco fence, designed curved brick edging to the front garden and replanted it, designed an expansion to the existing garage to allow for more storage, included vertical gardens to a rear masonry wall in front of an outdoor kitchen and paved out door living area and designed a water feature surrounded by deck as another outdoor living area with a bridge over the water feature. 
Exciting and beautiful project in inner Melbourne.  

Daylesford Landscape Design and Water Feature

We had completed 4 projects for these clients privately and many commercial Projects for a large development company Peter had been one of the leaders in.
The immediate previous project just around the corner was on four acres and this one on was for them a “scale down” to a normal sized building block.

It contained many things, beautiful formal paving, matching random crazy steppers and formal steppers through lawn, decking, raised vegetable gardens, we designed an amazing little water feature in a courtyard. The projected was embraced with steel ornate fencing and some of the best mainly formal English type planting.   
Exciting and beautiful landscape project in regional Victoria.  

Blackburn Landscape Design and Fence

An established property that was old and tired.

Our brief was to add interest to it and provide a landscape design which included a new front fence, that also acted as a retaining wall, an entrance arbour, decking, updated and new gardens.

Camberwell Landscape Design 3D

This couple built a new home with a steep frontage. It had a rendered brick retaining wall front fence with elaborate entrance stairs.
The house was large with only a little room in the rear for an alfresco outdoor area and retaining wall to the rear boundary.  
The 3D landscape design allowed them to visualise and understand both the front and rear gardens.

Vermont Landscape Design

This couple demolished their old home and built a new home on the same block. 
We provided consulting arborist services as there were a couple of older trees the council wished to see protected and retained.
We also provided the landscape design.

Vermont South Landscape Design

This couple we had completed a couple of designs for as they built some projects, sold and moved on. 
This project included retaining walls to the rear, kids play area above with a trampoline.
The project included a swimming pool, pool fencing, some fairly ornate gardens, screen fencing, paved driveway, entrance paving and paving to rear alfresco connecting outdoor living to the pool. 

Heathmont Landscape Design

An new home on a steep block with extensive retaining works using structural sleepers and large boulders. 

Planting was intricate including ornamentals, natives, fruit trees and vegetables with steps and a ramp up to this backyard area.
To the rear was a retaining wall in front of the back fence with a decked alfresco, pond with bridge over and water feature.

Box Hill Landscape and Pool

This couple owned an established home with a slope down to the rear with an old easement there. 
We provided landscape design including sleeper and boulder retaining works, deck behind the pool, larger deck behind the house, planting and some paved elements all for a young growing family. 

Kallista Landscape and Planting

A new home on a steep block with extensive retaining works in the Dandenong Ranges using sleepers and large boulders. 

Existing planting was full off weed species in a Bushfire Zone needing special treatments, water tanks and clearances from new home.  We did the original Arborist Report to get the project moving and consulted with the clients – a young couple, building designer and council to have the project approved.