Tree Reports

Tree Reports, Consulting Arborist and Landscape Design Services

Landscapes by Design provides Arborist Reports, Tree Reports, Consulting Arborist Services as part of our Landscape Designs for residential and commercial clients. We are Consulting Arborists, Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects and will inspect your tree or trees to provide an unbiased honest opinion, evaluation or assessment.

We work for private clients and also some of Melbourne and Australia’s leading developers, building designers, architects and others. If you need to have a single tree or many trees looked at we can help

In the event tree removal, pruning or other work is required we have several tree crews we can refer you to so you can gain a really competitive quote

We provide Tree Reports and Arborist Reports for planning or council permit requirements whether it be a single tree or many trees and regularly deal with complex planning requirements, provide tree surveys and innovative landscape design solutions to protect existing trees, include new trees or remove dangerous trees.
The correct retention and/or sensible inclusion of trees within landscape projects will provide sound outcomes and better environmental and aesthetic solutions.

Tree Reports Melbourne and principal Darrell Mcleod regularly operates within diverse and sometimes quite complex areas of arboriculture and landscape design. 

Dangerous trees may need to be reduced, pruned or removed, while others may have been planted or allowed to grow in poor locations, or an inappropriate species selected.

We have lots of experience inspecting trees that may be hazardous or causing damage to homes, buildings or other structures, and provide solutions to these and other problems.

Landscapes by Design and Tree Reports Melbourne can help all sorts of clients investigate reasons for damage and find sound solutions even when neighbouring trees may be the problem.

For professional advice tree reports and consulting arborist services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consulting Arborist Services

Why Use an Arborist

Local councils and others often require tree reports and consulting arborist services for planning and development purposes. Others may need to have a tree examined that they are concerned about, are planning a building project, addition or for various reasons require a tree or trees to be examined. Neighbouring or other trees can be impacting on a property. We provide Consulting Arborist Services for a wide range of reasons.

Preliminary Arborist Report

It is prudent when planning a development project to engage an arborist to examine trees on site and surrounding trees that could be impacted by the proposed development.

We have seen developments planned, architectural and other drawings completed prior to an arborist being consulted and the development has not been able to proceed because of trees that were not legally able to be removed. 

Our Consulting Arborist Services can examine trees and determine what trees can be removed, retained and methods used where possible to build near or around them.

Councils and Consulting Arborist Services

Properties are often under the control of various Planning Overlays which can protect trees and restrict their removal or sometimes pruning or other works require a permit. We deal with Planning Overlays and laws as part of our Consulting Arborists Services very regularly and provide Tree Reports for those and other purposes. We provide our Consulting Arborist Services for Planning Applications of all sorts whether for a simple household addition or a large commercial development.

Hazardous Trees and Risk Assessment

Trees can be dangerous and can cause asset damage, injury or worse. Some trees may require removal, or remedial works. We examine trees for defects, advice on remedial works, and can recommended tree contractors to carry out any works required.

To measure for decay tools such as a Picus Tomograph or Arbotom can be used to send sound impulses through a series of sensors attached to a tree’s trunk and monitored through a computer where the data is collected. Stress waves travel through sound wood faster than through damaged wood. Sensors around the tree measure the time it takes an impulse to travel through the wood and reach the other sensors. The collected data is simultaneously sent to a computer which will turn the data into a coloured image of the tree’s cross-section.

Tools can also be used to map roots systems and establish what decay may be present.

AS 4970

Australian Standard 4970 Protection of Trees on Development Sites was established in 2009 and is commonly used as a standard to evaluate trees not just on construction sites but for various purposes. Councils mostly require Consulting Arborist Services to use AS 4970 methods and other information in their Tree Reports, Construction Management Plans and other reports as required. Our Consulting Arborist Reports use AS 4970 to establish amongst other things as required: Tree Protection Zones, Structural Root Zones, encroachment calculations and the like within the Planning Process

Net Gain Assessments

Often when the removal of native vegetation is required dependant upon property size, type and amount of vegetation or trees planned to be removed, a Net Gain Assessment is required. Our Consulting Arborist Services can provide and co-ordinate Net Gain Assessments as required.

Waterways and Creeks

As part of our Landscape Design and Consulting Arborist Services we have completed a number of water way re vegetation projects dealing with bodies like Melbourne Water, councils, developers and contractors involved in such works. We can design and project manage vegetation and re vegetation projects of all sorts and are regularly engaged to do so.