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Award Winning Landscape Designers and Consulting Aborists
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Award Winning Landscape Designers and Consulting Arborists
Landscapes By Design & Tree Reports Melbourne
Award Winning Landscape Designers and Consulting Arborists

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We are Award Winning Landscape Designers

Landscapes by Design is an award winning Landscape Design and Consulting Arborist company based in Melbourne Australia. We are great landscape designers, landscape architects, consulting arborists and have been landscaping and designing gardens for over 30 years. We have completed landscaping projects of all types, provide landscape designs, landscape architecture services,  tree reports locally, in regional areas, interstate and are based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Whether it be a new or older home, unit, town house, commercial, industrial or land development project we can help. Our range of work has included water features, spas, decks, pergolas, pools, irrigation systems, retaining walls, soft or hard landscaping, complex structural landscapes, water sensitive urban design (WSUD)  and consulting arborist services. Working with private clients, developers, builders and others we provide sound, practical, innovative landscape design solutions and consulting arborist services. We can design only, design and build or manage your landscaping project for you.

With over thirty years of landscape construction, landscape design and landscape architecture experience we have built up a stable of great tradespeople to turn our landscape designs into your completed landscape project.

Melbourne Arborist Reports​

As landscape designers, landscape architects, consulting arborists providing tree reports and arborist reports to all sorts of clients locally, regionally and interstate we welcome your enquiry and will strive to provide a great experience for your project.

We have completed Tree Reports or Arborist Reports of all types and use Australian Standard 4970 – Protection of Trees on Development Sites continually and most working days when preparing Tree Reports or Arborist Reports within our consulting arborist services.

We regularly hazard access trees and even provide advise to property purchasers regarding trees and an understansing of council planning laws controlling trees.

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We provide Preliminary Arborist Reports, Tree Management Plans and Tree Protection Plans, Construction Impact Assessments, Project Arborist Services, Hazard Tree Assessment, Landscape Planting Plans, Tree Surveys and have several Tree Removal Contractors we can recommend if you require Tree Removal. 

It is prudent when planning a development project to engage an arborist to examine trees on site and surrounding trees that could be impacted by the proposed development. We have seen developments planned, architectural and other drawings completed prior to an arborist being consulted and the development has not been able to proceed because of trees that were not legally able to be removed.

Our Consulting Arborist Services can examine trees and determine what trees can be removed, retained and methods used where possible to build near or around them.

We have supervised and carried out over 100 Non Destructive Root Investigations (NDRI) as per As 4970 Protection of Trees on Developments Sites and are experts in that field of arboriculture.

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