Avondale Heights Landscape

Landscaping a Steep Block

Landscaping steep blocks or difficult landscape sites is challenging. This site required decorative rockwork, paving, landscaped stairs and landscape planting. This site was very steep sloping from front to rear and located at the bottom of a court meaning the property widened quite a lot to the rear. 

John and Sue, the clients were easy to work with and really nice people. My view is good landscape design outcomes mostly happen when you work with good people, solve their problems, provide creative and correct solutions, listen to them, advise them and seek their input.


They knew the site was difficult but wished to have an outdoor living area, a play area for kids; particularly a trampoline and if possible an area for some fruit trees and vegies.


Another problem to solve on top of the site steepness and slope down to the rear was the old high crumbling and no longer stable retaining wall to the back rear boundary that needed to be replaced before any landscaping works could be attempted. We provided the initial landscape design back in 2007 and in 2013 I was contacted and asked to project manage the landscape construction.

After and during the completion of the landscape design in 2007 I recommended some people who could help with the rear engineered retaining wall which became a huge undertaking. In the past we have completed many large engineered retaining wall projects and as is sometimes the case, all sorts of issues with local government, permits etc cropped up but eventually the retaining wall was completed.


Following John and Sue contacted me and I introduced them to a landscaper who has completed several of our projects.


John and Sue were really happy with the result.

I would suggest if you are into craft type things; read on and check out Sue’s Stampin Up Web Site!


Sue is a Stampin Up Demonstrator and has her own Web Site and Blog – Madex Creations.


Really  interesting site and until I met her and looked at her web site I did not know there were so many people so interested in all sorts of craft type things. Sue shared some images and some comments about her families completed landscaped garden and kids play area on her Blog HERE. Thanks Sue.

“We are so rapt with the results and have been having a ball having some outdoor time. The kids are enjoying playing downball on our big paved circle. We’ve just added a trampoline in to the bottom part and that is a hit. Nice to be spending more time outside now that it is not a giant ugly weed patch.”
“After some site visits and meetings, Darrell drew up our plans and we were rapt with what he designed. Darrell was terrific to work with and I’d highly recommend him if you’re in Melbourne and looking for a landscape designer.”

Avondale Landscape Project Images

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