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Four Units Kew Landscape Design

We provide landscape designs, tree reports and consulting arborist services for multi unit landscaping, townhouses or commercial landscape projects. 


This four unit landscaping project began when we were asked to provide a Tree Report for the proposed development. Later we were asked to complete the Landscape Design.

It is common when developing or building a Tree Report or Arborist Report is required which may include trees over a certain height within neighbouring properties as well as trees within the proposed development site.

Being Landscape Designers and Consulting Arborists we can provide Tree Reports and blend them with our Landscape Designs which saves time and money for a unit landscaping, townhouse or commercial projects. 

This compared to some of our work is quite simple but was finished to a very high standard by the builder / developer and his wife.

We are finding with some projects where planning controls can limit development size, permeable paving can really help and are up to date with this and other types of permeable paving that can be used within all sorts of unit landscaping projects.

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