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If you have a Neighbouring Tree Dispute we may be able to assist, provide a tree report or consulting arborist services to help with your tree problem.

A distressed client in a Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs contacted us because she thought a large neighbouring tree; a Cypress was damaging her home.

I prepared a tree report and recommended an engineer be engaged to inspect the house to confirm if the neighbouring tree was responsible for the house cracking. I believed this to be the case. The tree was approximately 6.5 meters away from the dwelling.


The engineers report stated:


“there is no doubt that the proximity of the tree in the neighbours property has caused the damage to the dwelling”.

“There was anecdotal evidence that tree roots from the neighbouring tree are invading the drainage system at this site causing blockages”.


“In our opinion consideration ought to be given to the placement of a root control barrier between the dwelling and the neighbouring tree to negate the drying effect of the tree but problems with this option are that the root barrier must be too close to the dwelling as this would cause an undermining of the footings (depending on the depth to which a barrier is founded)”.

The tree damage that was being done to the house and property was obvious as the images following show. There were roots through the front garden, concrete driveway lifting, brick work and even interior plaster cracking and lots of roots were present. The tree damage being done was huge.    

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